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According to a recent study by the Civic Enterprises and the Everyone Graduates Center at the Johns Hopkins University, despite rising national graduation rates, low-income and minority students continue to lag behind their non-black and non-Hispanic peers in graduating from high school. Absenteeism, oftentimes fueled by single parent households and the need for young women to assist in the care for younger siblings, affects these statistics. And the Pell Institute recently released a report that while low income students are enrolled in college, the increase in the number of student leaving college without a degree is on the rise. Thus, the need for mentorship and guidance for these young people, especially young women, is greater than ever. 


Founded in late 2016,The BIBO Foundation aims to provide mentorship education and scholarship support to disadvantaged young women. After several years of running the very successful BIBO Awards, the need to provide mentorship to the next generation of women who are growing up in financially challenged or impoverished homes became very evident. And the women that were honored through the BIBO Awards for their leadership, their role model status, and their trailblazing efforts, expressed a strong desire to stay connected to this organization and help future young female leaders. Thus, The BIBO Foundation was born with a very focused and dedicated mission to prepare young women for college and to provide them with life and social skills that would allow them to be just as competitive and as successful as their counterparts who may come from more financially stable and more financially comfortable households.

The BIBO Foundation focuses on the mental and emotional health of young women. Through programs such as S.H.Y.N.E, these young women can be aligned with successful business women and successful female entrepreneurs that can truly help them on their path to collegiate and or entrepreneurial success. And through our successful C.H.A.M.P. Wiithin program, the BIBO Foundation can provide even younger ladies (ages 9-14) with a strong mental and emotional toolset  that they can implement in their lives. This will give them a solid mental and emotional foundation  so that they can successfully handle any challenge that may come their way.

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